Naturopathic Medicine Treatments

Lifestyle Counseling

Lifestyle modifications such as diet changes, exercise and stress reduction can be challenging to change on one's own. Often it is difficult to know where to start as well as how to stay motivated throughout the process. Lifestyle counseling includes defining the goals a person wants to achieve, then formulating a tailored plan with specific steps for reaching the defined goals.

Nutritional Supplementation

Each of the cells in our bodies is a tiny factory that requires proper nutrition to work optimally. In today's stressful world it is difficult to get the nutrients cells need from diet alone. Nutritional supplementation gives the cells the nutrients they need in the amounts required for optimal function.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on therapy that can release restrictions anywhere in the body. Each person's body has a unique craniosacral rhythm that can be detected by a trained craniosacral practitioner. The practitioner assesses restrictions in the craniosacral rhythm and then uses craniosacral therapy to gently release the restrictions. Restrictions in the craniosacral rhythm can be caused by different types of traumas including physical (e.g. physical injury), mental (e.g. chronic stress) or emotional (e.g. a traumatic emotional event).

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation is a gentle, hands-on therapy that releases restrictions in the body. Each of the body's organs has a subtle, detectable movement. Disruptions to these natural movements can lead to organ dysfunction and physical pain. Visceral manipulation practitioners assess for organ movement disruptions and then use visceral manipulation to correct the disruptions. Causes of organ disruptions also can be physical, mental or emotional.

Botanical (Herbal, Plant) Medicine

Botanical medicine has been used for thousands of years and is still used widely throughout the world. Many of today's pharmaceutical drugs are derived from components of plants. However, pharmaceutical drugs usually have more adverse effects than their botanical cousins. Emerging research shows that botanical medicines can be just as effective as pharmaceutical drugs if properly administered.

Homeopathic Medicine (Homeopathy)

Homeopathic medicine has been tested empirically for centuries and has been shown to be beneficial for many conditions and diseases. Homeopathy uses extremely dilute preparations of plant, animal and mineral origin. Some practitioners use homeopathic preparations to treat specific symptoms whereas other practitioners use homeopathic medicine as a sole treatment, known as constitutional homeopathy. Constitutional homeopathy practitioners prescribe higher dosages of a single homeopathic remedy that matches a person's unique make-up.

Vitamin B12 & B Complex Injections

If you are feeling worn-down then B-complex and vitamin B12 injections can help give you a boost of energy. All B vitamins, especially B12, are used to make energy in all your cells. When taken in injection form, B vitamins enter directly into your body to act more quickly and have longer-lasting effects than taking a pill.

Kinesiology Taping

Used by professional athletes to improve performance, kinesiology taping is a safe, gentle and effective treatment for the re-education of the muscles and nerves. It works well to reduce pain from both acute and chronic injuries.