I started seeing Dr. Sedmak because I had a chronic health issue that no other doctor – including other naturopathic doctors that I had gone to – could address. I came in with my issues and Dr. Sedmak really listened to what I needed in a treatment plan. In just a few months, she not only had my condition under control, but we were actually reversing some of the issues. I feel healthy, stable and happy – thanks to her work with me. I now see her almost every week for preventative health care. The craniosacral therapy & visceral manipulation work is amazing and very healing. I am excited at the possibilities of what else we can address together with my health that I might not even be aware of. She is a great partner, listener and healer.

—Stephanie Rowland, Bothell, WA


In my early thirties I'd been through chemotherapy for breast cancer, had multiple surgeries, suffered from lymphedema in my arm, and was mentally and physically drained. When I went to see Dr. Sedmak my goal was to learn about better nutrition and how I could lose weight and have more energy. I did not have any experience with natural medicines and was told by other doctors that many of my problems would be life-long. Dr. Sedmak went beyond any of my original expectations, getting rid of my lymphedema and other "life-long" issues. I feel great, and my life is forever changed! I have referred many people to her, all of whom have similar success stories. I can't say enough about Dr. Sedmak and her practice!

—Amy K., Carnation, WA


Dr. Sedmak is an amazing healer. She listens to my concerns and then tunes into what my body wants and needs. She utilizes her training, experience and intuition to choose the appropriate treatment or remedy. Her "hands on" work [craniosacral therapy & visceral manipulation] has assisted me in releasing physical and emotional pain bringing me back to a balanced state. Dr. Sedmak has a loving heart and listens to my suggestions and ideas. She vibrates at a level that most yearn to achieve.

—Laurie J., Seattle, WA


Dr. Sedmak has changed my life around.

I had suffered years of daily headaches, sinus congestion, and lethargy, which often kept me home from work and away from family events. After many tests requested by my family doctor and Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, one resolution was found (to fix a deviated septum). There was some improvement in nasal congestion after the surgery, but the headaches, general sinus congestion and lethargy continued. I was told by all that there was nothing that could be done; my nose was simply very sensitive, and I would need to accept taking over-the-counter sinus decongestants on a regular basis for the rest of my life. There were no suggestions for the lethargy.

After unsuccessfully working with these doctors for over 10 years, I went to see Dr. Sedmak. In the very first visit, only a few suggestions on diet changes completely brought my energy levels back to normal or better. After only a few visits, my headaches had greatly lessened in severity and frequency! As of today, it has been months since my last headache. I never imagined I'd experience such improvements to my lifestyle and ability to really be with my family. I know many are skeptical of naturopathic medicine, but Dr. Sedmak has proven its effectiveness. I'm reaping the benefits every day.

—Anja H., Kirkland, WA


Dr. Sedmak is a truly amazing doctor. She is highly skilled and caring and one of the best naturopaths I have ever been to. I love that Dr. Sedmak takes the time to listen—I never feel rushed or hurried and I feel very comfortable discussing anything with her. I love her cranio-sacral work—it is an incredible experience and has had a huge impact on my migraines. Since I've been seeing Dr. Sedmak, my health is the best it's been in over 20 years. I feel as if I'm a new person with all the newfound energy and great health I now enjoy.

—Doris S., Issaquah, WA


Dr. Sedmak is an amazing healer. I first started seeing Dr. Sedmak in the winter of 2012 after exhausting many traditional western treatment options. Through my difficult journey she often played the role of healer, cheerleader, and counselor. I was amazed at the amount of time she would spend with me at each visit, carefully guiding me through the healing process. Her style is extremely high touch and insightful. Her careful observations discovered and unlocked things most physicians had previously overlooked. Her collaborative style allows the patient to have a strong say in the treatment plan. This made it very easy for us to work as a team often bouncing ideas and options off each other. I owe Dr. Sedmak a huge debt of gratitude and look forward to continuing to have her as my primary care physician and trusted advisor.

—Matt, Kirkland, WA


I started going to Dr. Sedmak when I had some significant life changes and was having a hard time managing my anxiety along with a great deal of tension in my neck and face from being an adult with braces. I knew I did not want to go on medication for the anxiety and I believed I could manage it naturally but I had no idea where to start. As soon as I started going to Dr. Sedmak I started to feel different. She showed me ways to manage my anxiety through setting boundaries, giving myself quiet time and taking some natural supplements to balance my hormones. She performed craniosacral therapy on me to alleviate the tension in my head and neck. I have been seeing Dr. Sedmak now for over a year and I truly feel like a different person. Dr. Sedmak has an incredible way of connecting with people. She is a gifted doctor and more than that she has the ability to speak calmness and peace into her patients. I would and have recommended Dr. Sedmak to anyone wanting to take a natural approach to their physical and emotional health!

—Samantha W., Bellevue, WA


I began seeing Dr. Sedmak 2 years ago concerning my trouble falling and staying asleep. I was not getting the in-depth look into my health concerns that I needed from my conventional primary care provider. Dr. Sedmak took the time to understand my symptoms, learn about my lifestyle and formulate a treatment plan based on my short- and long-term health goals. During each visit, she asked questions that made me think and reflect on my own health and lifestyle choices. My sleep has vastly improved through working with supplements, vitamin B injections and craniosacral therapy. I highly recommend Dr. Sedmak for anyone, but especially for individuals who are experiencing the common non-answers from 'big box' providers.

—Anura S., Seattle, WA